How many Super Bowls have the Giants won?

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The New York Giants have 3 Super Bowl titles.
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The Dallas Cowboys, or 'America's Team' has won 5 Super Bowls. Their most recent championship was in 1996, with a 27-17 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, giving them 3 titles
The Giants have won 3 different Superbowls, but they won't this year. GO TITANS !
The New York Giants have been to 4 Superbowl championships but only won 3. The Giants lost to the Baltimore Ravens 34-7,the only touchdown made by the Giants was a 97 yard kick return
The New York Giants have won 3 Super Bowls (XXI, XXV, XLII)
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The New York Giants first won the Super Bowl in 1987 when they beat the Denver Broncos. Their next win came in 1991 when they played against the Buffalo Bills. They won again in 2008 and in 2012, both times playing against the New England Patriots. The Giants have only lost one Super Bowl game, which was in 2001 against the Baltimore Ravens.

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The New York Giants have won four Super Bowl rings in the history of the event. The Giants took home the NFL's crown in 1987 and 1991 under Bill Parcells and 2008 ...
The Washington Redskins have played in five Super Bowls and won three (the 17th, 22nd and 26th) as of 2012. The Redskins also won the 1937 and 1942 Championship ...
The Philadelphia Eagles have made two super bowl appearance, but they have not taken home a Superbowl win as of 2012. The Eagles lost 27-10 to the Oakland Raiders ...
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