How many Superman movies are there?


There have been six Superman movies that have been released in theaters. These movies began with "Superman" in 1978, with the most recent entry in the superhero saga, "Man of Steel," released in 2013.

There have also been a number of full-length direct-to-video Superman movies that are very highly rated. While only three theatrical Superman movies have received a majority share of positive reviews, namely "Superman," "Superman II" and "Superman Returns," the cartoon video releases have all had generally positive reception. With the success of "Man of Steel," Warner Bros. has greenlit a semi-sequel to the film, called "Batman vs. Superman."

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Superman: The Movie. Superman 2. Superman 3. Superman 4: The Quest for Peace. Superman Returns. There's also Superman: Doomsday which isn't part of the live action series. It's a
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