How many tablespoons are in a pound of coffee?


The average number of level tablespoons in a pound of ground coffee tends to be between 75 and 80. There are several variables to consider when answering this question.

Tablespoons and pounds are two different types of measures. A tablespoon is a measure of volume, while a pound is a measure of weight. Thus, there is no direct conversion between the two. A major consideration in a pounds-to-tablespoons conversion involves the coarseness of the grind of the coffee. Coarsely ground coffee occupies more space than the same weight of finely ground coffee, so a pound of coarsely ground coffee generates more tablespoons per pound.

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There are about 75 level tablespoons in one pound of coffee. Thanks
You cannot compare volume (tablespoons) with weight (pounds) (reservations apply) But if it would help you, one tablespoon is 15 milliliters.
There are three teaspoons to one tablespoon. One and a half teaspoons is the same as half a tablespoon. The abbreviation for teaspoon is tsp. and for tablespoon is either tbsp. or
There are 2000 pounds in a short ton. There are 2200 pounds in a long ton. So figure out which ton you need the pound amount for, and there you go!
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Conversion from pounds to tablespoons is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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