How many Target stores are in the United States?


As of May 2014, the retail chain Target has 1,789 retail stores and 37 distribution centers in the United States, according to the Target corporate fact sheet. The company plans to open five new stores and close nine existing stores by the end of 2014.

Assuming Target continues with current plans for opening and closing stores, the company expects to have 1,785 retail locations in the United States at the end of 2014. It also currently has plans to open at least two new stores in 2015: one in Maui, Hawaii, and one in Westwood, Mass. There is currently no information about any store closures planned for 2015.

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According to Target's website they currently have 1744 Target stores including SuperTarget's. The very first Target was opened in Roseville, MN in 1962.
There are currently 4,721 Target Stores in the US. Wow they must be
Countless. If you are counting then backside it is decreasing and front side it is increasing. Regards, Atul Kumar Pandey.
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