How Many Tattoos Does David Beckham Have?


British soccer player David Beckham has been collecting tattoos for many years. The total has just gone up to nine, with the appearance of a winged cross on the back of his neck right in the midst of the European championships. The debate has surged, taking a man's private symbology to the front pages of some of the most critical tabloids in the world.
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His Brooklyn tattoo is for his son that goes by the same name. The guardian angel on his back is to watch over Brooklyn, hence the placement. He also has his wife's name in Hindi
David Beckham's tattoos include a winged cross on his neck, The names of his kids on
About 20 tattoos. His most recent for his daughter Harper.
r u the same person who asked who tatooed ______?
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David Beckham’s guardian angel tattoo stretches across his back and has undergone several updates since he first got it in 2000. Louis Malloy, a Manchester ...
David Beckham has four children, three sons and one daughter. The sons are Brooklyn Joseph born on 4 March 1999 in England in London, Romeo James born in 1 September ...
There are many soccer players with tattoos. Some of these are David Beckham, Dani Alves, Deco and Richard Quaresma. Others include Wayne Rooney, Djibril Cisse, ...
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