How Many Teens Use Tobacco?


It is going to be impossible to find out exactly how many teenagers use tobacco. Today, tobacco is not the only thing that teenager use. They also use weed.
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Sadly, approximately 40% of teenagers use tobacco. Many of them smoke simply because their friends do it, and they do not think about the risks involved.
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1 Choose positive friends. Being around other tobacco-free people will strengthen your will to remain tobacco free. Teens want to do whatever it takes to fit in, and if it means not
1 Calculate the monetary costs of smoking. A single cigarette costs about 25 cents, but the costs add up quickly. Smoking 10 cigarettes a day costs about $20 a week, which you would
it may be a rebellious attempt at something. peer pressure. some times kids will use it for relief. others think its cool. and the other, others ma just want some attention, or they've
Because they are generally stupid, have no common sense and don't overlook how anything can effect their future. They don't know how to say 'no' to anything, feeling the need to '
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In tobacco there are over 400 poisons. ...
In tobacco there are over 400 poisons. ...
In tobacco there are over 400 poisons. ...
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