How many teeth do mosquitoes have?


Mosquitoes have four teeth that are sharp and serrated. They are arranged around two tubes. One releases a pain suppressor into the insect's victim, as well as an anticoagulant to keep the blood from clotting. The other tube draws out the blood. Only female mosquitoes feed on blood.

Typically, after jabbing the victim's skin with her snout, the mosquito cuts into the skin with her teeth to reach the blood vessels. By the end of the meal, a mosquito has often doubled her weight, and she may be unable to fly. Most adult mosquitoes live only two to four weeks. During that period, they feed on blood one to three times.

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So That It Can Bite. Duh.
Mosquitoes have four knife-like tools of serrated teeth & a pair tu...
They do - lets hope they remember to clean them after meals ! Posted 3 years ago I enjoy using Yedda to ask and answer medical questions . I previously worked as a nurse but am now
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Diptera
Mosquitoes are holometabolous insects and therefore grow through an egg, larva, pupa to adult stage. The larvae and pupae are aquatic, the adults are free flying. At 80° F the larva goes through four larval instars in about 4 days... More »
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