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A pig normally has 32 permanent teeth, but if the wisdom teeth are not grown then about 28 should be present.they consist of cuspids, incisors, and molars.The teeth of the young pig are clipped as soon as possible after birth. The piglet is born with 8 teeth.If the teeth are not clipped the sow's (mother) udder may be injured by the suckling piglets. Removal of the teeth also prevents the young pigs injuring themselves while fighting or playing.
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Suidae
The word pig can refer to all of the mammals in family Suidae or just to those in genus Sus, and are also called hogs, swine, or boars. Most familiar is Sus scrofa, which is known either as the wild boar when feral, or the domesticated pig when tame.
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Pigs have about 44 teeth by the time they are adults. Pigs eat about anything you feed them. So they have very strong teeth. Boars have long teeth and are called tusks.
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Pigs have forty-four teeth. The canine teeth, also known as tusks, actually sharpen themselves by rubbing back and forth against each other. ...
Pigs have teeth for instance, adult pigs have 44 teeth. In addition, boars have a long front tooth on each side that is called a tusk, which normally sticks out ...
Pigs are classified as monogastic, which means they have one stomach. Animals with stomachs broken into compartments are classified as polygastic. Animals such ...
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