How Many Times a Day Should You Go to the Toilet?


One should go to the toilet three times a day on average. However, some people can go to the toilet more often than others depending on their health status. Women tend to go the toilet more often than men especially if they are pregnant due to added abdominal pressure.
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One should go to the toilet when the need arises. However on average, in regards to one eating a proper diet and taking 8 glasses of water, one can visit the toilet up to 10 times for short calls with three that would include bowel movements.
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The recommended "toilet usage" per day is precisly three times. A reason to have gone more is too much fluids obtained.
1. Pour a bucket of water into the toilet bowl as quickly as you can, without the water sloshing over the edge of the bowl and onto the bathroom floor. If the toilet flushes normally
It varies for each person - but, it is common to go to the toilet
around 11 at night with my 90-year-old grandfather (: Embed Quote
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