How Many Times Can You Get Chicken Pox?


One can get infected by chicken pox only once as a person usually develops antibodies to the infection and becomes immune to catching it again. However, the virus that causes the chicken pox remains inactive in the body, which can return later as an infection called shingles.
3 Additional Answers
Usually, one gets only one chicken pox attack and second attacks are rare but not impossible. Some people get chicken pox even three times in their life time. This disease is contagious, but one can be vaccinated against it.
Chickenpox can happen more than once once, but usually it only comes once in a lifetime. later in life you can suffer shingles, because chickenpox is caused by a virus which never leaves the body and settles, lying dormant for years, in nerve roots. When your immune system is depressed or weakened, the virus can be reactivated as a shingles infection.
Yes, a person can get the chickenpox more than once. Most people get it once or twice in their lives, but there are some who have had it more than that. It really depends on how strong your immune system is.
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