How Many Times Can You Take the Nclex Exam?


It is important that you complete your Nclex Exam within a year of your first attempt. Should you fail the test, you are able to retake it but must wait 45 days to do so. Should you fail again, you have up to three tries before you will be required to take further steps.
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1. Verify that it has been 45 days since you have last taken the NCLEX exam. 2. Visit the Pearson Vue NCLEX Testing website. Register for an account. If you previously registered
The NCLEX Exam is the professional licensing exam for nurses (RN or PN) It's like the Bar Exam that Lawyers must pass.
1. Pay attention in nursing school. This may seem oversimplified, but the better you do academically, the less stressed you'll be when the actual test comes around. That is, if you
Calm yourself. The NCLEX is not the make-or-break monster it's made out to be. I took the Kaplan course offered at my college. It was a good review and helped me to learn how to take
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Each state has different rules for how many times the NCLEX for RN exam may be taken. In Michigan, there are a maximum of 6 tries. In Texas you must pass within 4 years of graduation and there must be 50 days between each attempt. check with your individual state rules.
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