How many times did Elizabeth Taylor marry Richard Burton?


Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton two times. Their first marriage was on March 15, 1964 in Montreal, Canada by a Unitarian minister at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Their second marriage took place on October 10, 1975 in the Chobe National Park in Kasane, Botswana in Africa. Despite this, they underwent a second divorce on July 29, 1976.
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Twice;1964-1974(after a scandalous two-year affair).After the divorce,they kept in contact with each other,Miss Taylor asking Burton if "we did the right thing" by divorcing.They
Sir Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor got married to each other twice.
Elizabeth Taylor first married Richard Burton on 15/03/1964 divorcing him 26/06/1974, they had 1 child & remarried 10/10/1975 divorcing again 01/04/1976
Elizabeth Taylor was born on 27th Feb. 1932. She was married 8 times over the course of 58 years.
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