How Many Times Do We Blink?


We blink on an average on sixteen times per minute meaning that one can blink 15360 times in 24 hours in a day. However experts say blinks are like punctuation marks signalizing pauses in an activity for example if one is reading interesting material on average one will blink three to eight times per minute opposed to 15 minutes per minute when one is engaged in attention demanding activities. There is a relationship between the numbers of times one blinks and ones emotions, if one is tired that person tends to blink more frequently than one who is well rested.
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A blink is an involuntary reaction our bodies do on a regular basis. Blinking only lasts about a tenth of a second. In that tenth of a second we blink to re-lubricate our eyeballs
The average person blinks 17,000 times each day or 6.25 million times a year.
Most blinking occurs involuntarily to moisten the eye. In the brain, the caudate nucleus controls involuntary blinking at any rate between 5 and 30 times per minute. During a blink,
25 blinks a minute or so 16 hours a day, & assuming that the average
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The average person will blink once every five seconds or so. If we do the math this shows us that in a 16 hour day you blink around 15,000 times! This of course ...
Humans bring on average around 15 times a minute. It really depends on you, as to how many times you blink a minute. With children, it can be considerably faster ...
Humans blink on average 15 times per minute. If a person is anxious, he or she will blink more often. ...
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