How Many Times Do You Blink in a Day?


The average person will blink once every five seconds or so. If we do the math this shows us that in a 16 hour day you blink around 15,000 times! This of course will vary depending on the amount of time you are awake, some people will blink up to 40,000 times every 24 hours!
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Trying to figure out how many time a day you blink can get complicated, but fun if you like math. We blink 16 times per minutes on average. So in 24 hours, we blink 15360 times in
you blink 100,234,098,872,000 times a day
17,000 - 25,000 Embed
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On average a person blinks around 16 times a minute. This equals out to be approximately 23,040 blinks a day. The exact amount will vary for each person. ...
The average adult blinks ten to fifteen times per minute. How many times a person blinks in a day can be determined by doing the math based on how many hours a ...
We blink on an average on sixteen times per minute meaning that one can blink 15360 times in 24 hours in a day. However experts say blinks are like punctuation ...
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