How many times do you blink in a day?


The average person blinks 21,600 times per day. Typically, a person blinks every four seconds, adding up to 15 blinks per minute and 900 blinks per hour. Weekly, the average person blinks 151,200 times. That adds up to nearly 8 million blinks per year.

Several factors affect the rate of a person's blinking. Stress, tiredness and anxiety increase blinking frequency. Interestingly, using contact lenses does not affect the average person's blink rate.

Babies blink much less frequently than adults; the average infant blinks only twice per minute. There is not a large discrepancy between the blink rates of adult men and women. Adult men blink at a rate of 14.5 times per minute, while adult women average 14.9 blinks per second. However, adult women who take hormonal birth control blink nearly 20 times per minute.

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