How Many Times Do You Have to Punch Yourself in the Stomach to Have a Miscarraige?


This is not a question within guidelines for us to toy around with. Killing a fetus is a crime when it is done on purpose. Do not do anything so foolish because you could end up injuring your child permanently. Children are only to love. There are other options.
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It is never a good time to punch a pregnant woman in the stomach, i...
Malnutrition would only lead to birth defects if she was pregnant. I don't think it would stop her from getting pregnant. Irregular periods are also no reason for her to not be pregnant
^ he's right... the men with large shrimping nets will chase you. Physically you could do untold internal damage to your vital pianos. Ruptured spleen, liver, maybe cause a hernia
last weekend..not so much a punch but i was taking my jumper off and you know how your elbow tucks in under the waistband bit? well mine kinda catapulted as i was lifting the jumper
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