How Many Times Does a Hummingbird Flap Its Wings Per Second?


Depending on the type of hummingbird, they can flap their wings anywhere from 12 - 80 times per second. They can also fly backwards and are the only birds with this ability.
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A Ruby-throated Hummingbird, hovering in open space, has a wingbeat rate of about 50-52 times per second. The smaller the hummingbird, the faster the speed, ranging from about 10-
It depends on its size. The smallest species-the five-centimeter-lo...
The hummingbird can flap its wings as fast as 90 times/second or 5400 times/minute and travel 70 mph!
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A hummingbird can flap its wings up to about seventy times per second. This is over 4200 times per minute and many more than any other bird. There are many videos ...
Different butterflies flap their wings a differing amount of times. On average, a butterfly will flap its wings about 80 times in one second. ...
A hummingbird can beat its wing 70 times per second while he is flying and up to 200 beats while diving. That equals out to about 420 beats per minute. They can ...
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