How Many Times Has Lorrie Morgan Been Married?


Lorrie Morgan has been married six times. As of 12/06/12, her current husband is Randy White. They were married on September 15, 2010.
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Ron Gaddis. Keith Whitley. Brad Thompson. Jon Randall Stewart. Sammy Kershaw. Randy White.
Lorrie Morgan has been married 5 times. She has been married currently since 2002.
she has been married 5 times,on time to Keith Whitely and also Jon Randell and Also Sammy Kershaw,and one other I forgot his name and someone said i=she is married to this new man
Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw have been married for 6 years. Lorrie filed a divorce citing irreconcilable differences. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012
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