How Many Times Has Pamela Anderson Been Married?


Pamela Anderson has been married three times. The first marriage was to Tommy Lee in 1995 after they had known each other for 96 hours. Her second marriage was to Robert J. Ritchie who is popularly known as Kid Rock in 2006 and later divorced the same year. She got married again to Rick Salomon in 2007 but the marriage did not last as it was annulled the following year.
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She is currently on her 3rd marriage. First Husband - Tommy Lee. Married on February 19, 1995 in Cancun, Mexico. They divorced on February 28, 1998. Second Husband - Kid Rock. Married
Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock were only married
It's Motley Crue....and I dunno like 3 times....I don't pay attention to Pam Anderson's TV show..or her
Kid Rock is Pamela's 2nd husband (after Tommy Lee). She is his first wife.
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