How many times has Pamela Anderson been married?


As of June 2014, Pamela Anderson has been married four times, though twice have been to the same man, her current husband Rick Solomon. Her first three marriages all ended via divorce or annulment, however, in January 2014 she announced that she and husband number three were remarried.

Pamela Anderson married her her third/fourth husband Rick Salomon on October 6, 2007 in Las Vegas. Salomon is an actor, director, producer and owner of an online gambling website. They were separated just over two months after getting married, with Anderson filing for divorce, then an annulment, which took effect on March 24, 2008. The two were able to rekindle their romance and were remarried by the beginning of 2014, however by July of that same year there were already rumors that Anderson was filing for divorce yet again.

Anderson's first husband was Tommy Lee, musician and founding member of Mötley Crüe, to whom she was married to from February 19, 1995, to February 28, 1998. They had two children together.

Her second husband was musician Kid Rock, whom she married on July 29, 2006. The initial marriage ceremony was not considered legal, so they were married again on August 3, 2006, in Beverly Hills. Anderson filed for divorce from Kid Rock prior to Thanksgiving that same year, and it was finalized in 2007.

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TWICE. Anderson married Tommy Lee, drummer of Motley Crue, on February 19, 1995. married Kid Rock July 2006.
Pamela Anderson has been married 3 times to Tommy
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were only officially married once, in 1995. They were divorced three years later but have got back together and split up at least twice since that time
It's Motley Crue....and I dunno like 3 times....I don't pay attention to Pam Anderson's TV show..or her
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