How Many Times Has the Bible Been Translated?


From the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, the Bible has been translated into about 2500 languages of the world. Considering the fact that the world has about 6900 languages, this translates to more than a third of the world’s languages. The Septuagint, written in Greek was the first translation done at around the third century A.D.
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The Bible has been translated into about 5000 modern languages, plus many more other languages down through the centuries that are not used now. The Bible has been translated into
Most English Bibles are translated directly from the Hebrew and Greek texts. The introduction to the Holman Christian Standard Bible states: The textual base for the New Testament
I don't know how many times the Bible has been translated, but it doesn't matter. The original copies of any document would be called the Autograph copies.None of them exist for any
An English version of the Bible
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Since there is no one way to translate the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Bible manuscripts into the English language. The number of times any one word is ...
There are many translations of the bible since it was first written in Latin. According to ...
How many times the phrase 'temple of the Lord' appears in the Bible depends on what version you are looking at. When a Bible is translated to a new version, some ...
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