How Many Times Has Victor Newman Been Married?


Victor Newman is a fictional character in the long running soap opera 'The Young and the Restless'. Throughout the lifetime of the soap to date, as of January 2, 2012, Victor Newman has been married 12 times. In total he married 9 different women.
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FOURTEEN TIMES! Julia Newman [Divorced: 1981] Nikki Reed [Married 1984; divorced: 1988] Leanna "Love" Randolph [Married: 1988; invalid] Ashley Abbott [Married: 1990; divorced
1. Julia. 2. Nikki. 3. Lorie (engaged but not married) 4. Leanna Love (but it was not legal as he was still married to Nikki) 5. Ashley Abbott. 6. Hope Adams. 7. Diane Jenkins. 8.
Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless has been married 10 times! His current spouse is Ashley Abbott and he is played by Eric Braeden.
The character
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