How Many Times Is Love Used in the Bible?


The Bible Gateway search option reveals that the word 'love' is used 471 times in the American Standard Version of the Bible. In the King James Version, 'love' is used 442 times.
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Over 900.
The New International Version of the Bible gives 697 different
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The word "vision" is in the King James Version of the Bible 79 times. It is in 73 verses. Please see the related link below.
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The number of times the word love is used in the Bible will depend on the version of the Bible one uses. The original manuscripts were in the ancient languages ...
In the Bible, the word is love is mentioned more than 500 times close to 700 times depending on which version of it you are reading. In the King James Version, ...
Since there is no one way to translate the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Bible manuscripts into the English language. The number of times any one word is ...
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