How Many Tomatoes Equal a Quart?


There is no standard number of tomatoes that makes a quart. This is subject to the fact that tomatoes come in different sizes and mass. A quart is a unit of volume equal to a quarter of a gallon.
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One pound is 2 cups. That is the same as 1 pint or 1/2 a quart.
Two pints equal a quart. This means one pint is only a half a quart. Pints and quarts are units of measure. Usually used to measure liquids.
Whole tomatoes, or diced. ChaCha!
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A quart is equivalent to thirty two quarts, and a tomato is usually 8 ounces, therefore you would need 4 tomatoes to be equivalent to a quart. However, the size of the tomatoes will affect the number of tomatoes needed to feel the quart.
If you want to know how many tomatoes equal a quart, the answer is one pound. If your using cherry tomatoes, that would be a different number. Cherry tomatoes are very small. Two pounds probably make up a quart.
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In standard U.S. measurement, 8 liquid cups will equal 2 quarts. There is always 4 liquid cups to a quart. ...
Four quarts equal one gallon. Sixteen cups equal one gallon and 0.25 quarts equals one cup. 4.22 cups equals one liter. ...
1 quart equals 4 cups. In order to convert cups into quarts, you need to divide the number of cups by 4. For example, 200 cups of coffee would equal 50 quarts ...
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