How Many Tourists Visit Spain?


There are about 45 million tourists who visit Spain each year. Many tourists prefer this destination because it is easy to travel there when you are in Europe and also very cheap to travel within Spain. Most tourists who also come here, come to enjoy the wide range of cuisines in the country and the diverse nature of their culture.
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There has been a study done with close kept track of records to see just how many people are visiting Spain. It turns out that 45 million people are visiting the country.
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Tourist might visit Spain because they are very rich and good in business.
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1. Download, fill out and sign four copies of the Spanish visa application. It can be found on the Spanish Embassy website, at your local Spanish consulate or embassy or in the Resources
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According to the United Nations World Tourism organisation (UNWTO), more than 57 million people visit Spain each year. In Spain, tourists can stroll through museums ...
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