How Many Trees Are Cut down Each Year?


According to a report 'Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005', the number is 3 billion to 6 billion trees per year.
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There are over 25.000.000 trees cut down each year. We have to keep the planet with a lot of trees, not to cut them down. We have to plant more trees in the next years.
Rosewood was banned from being cut down in 1978 or 68 im not sure, so not the value of the rosewood in circulation is getting more expensive. i think, ( im not to sure) its around
In the United States, beavers will cut down approximately 1,700
It is difficult to answer your question. Most of the trees that are used to make paper are cut down for lumber, rather than paper, production. The parts that are not useful to the
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There are about four billion trees cut down every year. That means that there are about ten million trees that are cut down everyday. That is way to many trees ...
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People really do not know exactly how many trees are cut down every year. They estimate that there are over eleven billion trees cut down every year all around ...
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