How Many Trees Are Cut down Each Year?


According to a report 'Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005', the number is 3 billion to 6 billion trees per year.
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up to 4 trees per second. 320 per minuet. 19,200 per hour. 460,800 per day. this is only if 4 trees are cut down per second, (and is not the average)
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1. Find a Christmas tree farm where you can cut down your tree. 2. Make sure you are prepared to cut down a tree: Gloves (thick) and a cutting tool to cut the tree down or the farm
The simple answer is to obtain wood; but there is more to it than that: To produce paper pulp. To clear land for cash crops. The latter use is more damaging as it is usually unmanaged
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There are about four billion trees cut down every year. That means that there are about ten million trees that are cut down everyday. That is way to many trees ...
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People really do not know exactly how many trees are cut down every year. They estimate that there are over eleven billion trees cut down every year all around ...
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