How many Tucker cars are left?


Did you recently hear about Preston Tucker's vehicles and want to see one? Not a problem. There are 52 of them registered around the world, many of which are available for viewing in museums. You can find more information here:
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There is only 20 original cars left in the world. Some of these vehicles have sold at auctions for over a million dollars. acctually there's 47, and tucker number 51.
Their are 47 Tuckers that are out today that are still running. Thanks for
1. Send a registered letter, with a return signature, to the owner of the vehicle. In the letter, state the total due, including any storage charges, when the vehicle was finished
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This is a vehicle that is highly rare, these cars have actually sold for millions of dollars at auction. At this time, there are only twenty original Tuckers left in the world.
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