How Many Two Cent Stamps Are There in a Dozen?


The question 'How many two cent stamps are there in a dozen' is a trick question. Many people will say 6 since 2 times six is 12. The actual answer is 12. The value of the stamps has no bearing on the answer.
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A dozen of anything is 12 (twelve) It doesn't matter if you are counting feathers or stamps. The English word dozen comes from the old form of the French word douzaine, meaning "
in a dozen what? because there are no two cent stamps in a dozen eggs, or in a dozen basketball nets. It impossible to answer this question. just like what is 1 + 1? 1 what + 1 what
The unit of measure dozen refers simply to the number 12. Therefore, there are 12 two cent stamps in a dozen. Similarly, if one would ask, how many eggs are there in a dozen, then
There are 12 stamps in a dozen. Go Chacha!
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