How Many Two Cent Stamps Are There in a Dozen?


The question 'How many two cent stamps are there in a dozen' is a trick question. Many people will say 6 since 2 times six is 12. The actual answer is 12. The value of the stamps has no bearing on the answer.
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12 because dozen means 12.
in a dozen what? because there are no two cent stamps in a dozen eggs, or in a dozen basketball nets. It impossible to answer this question. just like what is 1 + 1? 1 what + 1 what
The unit of measure dozen refers simply to the number 12. Therefore, there are 12 two cent stamps in a dozen. Similarly, if one would ask, how many eggs are there in a dozen, then
A dozen is a group of twelve. So there would be 12 stamps with a value of 36 cents. Thanks
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