How Many Types of Acids Are There?


An acid is a substance that reacts with metals and carbonates, tastes sour, turns blue litmus paper red, and has a pH less than 7.0 in its standard state. There are many different types of acids but they are mainly classified into the following acid types; Brønsted, Lewis, Mineral, Organic, Strong, Super acids, and Weak acids. In the classical naming system, acids are named according to their anions.
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The acidic component of vinegar is acetic acid. It may also be known as ethanoic acid. It is considered weak, but in pure form it's extremely corrosive.
Propanoic acid has the following molecular formula: C3H6O2. The three carbons form a chain; the carbon at the end of the chain has an oxygen atom double-bonded to it and an -OH group
Assuming you meant "What type of acid is in AN orange (fruit) mostly citric acid, but also ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
Reduction-Oxidization (Redox) reaction.
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