How Many Types of Cartoons are There?


There are literally hundreds of different types of cartoons. They range from Looney Tunes, to Smurfs, to Flintstones, to Pokemon. There are cartoons that are specifically designed for girls and boys alike.
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There are 6 (six) types of Cartoons.
1. Cartoon for an artwork - a drawing that is full-sized design for a finished artwork.
2. Political Cartoon - in 1700's, artists such as William Hograth often made sets of humorous drawings that were about political subjects. These were made into prints and sold cheaply.
3. Portrait Cartoons - these are also called caricatures.
4. Comic Strips - funny stories in a series of pictures.
5. Web comics - these are comic strips posted on the internet.
6. Movie Cartoons - some artists began experimenting with making drawings that seemed to move. They often depict animals rather than humans. Walt Disney and Warner Bros both made famous movie cartoons.
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Yes, there are many types of cartoons. There is the serious/dramatic type of cartoon like Avatar and Teen Titans. There is the zany and fun type of cartoon like those weird Bugs Bunny
The show is about a lovable oaf named Peter Griffin and his hilariously odd
Characture. It's the style of cartoon an artist might make for you at the beach or an amusement park. Usually the head is much larger and a certain noticeable feature is exaggerated
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