How Many Types of Cell Phones Are There?


There are a number of cell phone types, these include; smart cell phone, the basic cell phone and the camera cell phone.
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A conventional cell phone is designed to first of all be a phone. The keypad and layout of the phone is usually similar to that of a traditional phone. The software inside a conventional
Before you learn how to unlock a cell phone, you should understand a little about cell phone technology and what a locked cell phone is. Once you are familiar with how it all works
You should start shopping by choosing a carrier. Not all cell phones work for all carriers, and choosing the cell phone before the carrier can be costly and frustrating. If you already
If you do not own a smartphone such as a BlackBerry or iPhone, the 3GP Video Converter is designed to take any file and convert it to 3GP. A very uncommon file type, 3GP is the only
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