How Many Types of Clouds Are There?


There are 4 main cloud types. Cumulus clouds are the puffy ones. Stratus clouds are the foggy or rainy ones. Cirrus clouds are the high up wispy ones. And the Nimbus clouds are the thunderstorm clouds.
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There are three basic types of clouds. The three types of clouds are cumulus, stratus and cirrus. Each type of cloud is then broken down into different kinds depending on their size
All clouds are made the same way: The sun's heat evaporates the water here on the earth, turning the water from a liquid into a vapor. The vapor rises up into the atmosphere and turns
1. Check the shape of the cloud. Stratus clouds stretch across low the sky horizontally. These form between layers of cool air and moist, warm air and may stretch for several miles
1 Become more familiar with the clouds. Become more familiar with the clouds . There are many different types of clouds, and clouds are a great "collectible" for record-keeping
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