How Many Types of Cobras Are There?


There are actually more than 270 species of Cobras around the world. Any snake from the genus Naja is considered a cobra. Some of the better known cobra types are the king cobra, and the spitting cobra. You can find more information here:
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There are 270 different types of cobras. Two things they all have in common is that they all have short fangs and they're all poisonous. Did you know spitting cobras can spit venom
there are 21 different types of cobras
There are 25 species of cobra in the genus naja found in africa and asia. of these 10 species are known to spit its venom into your eyes. Source(s) wikipedia.
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True cobras belong to the genus Naja, of which there are 20-22 species.
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There about thirty species of cobra snakes with different colour and lengths. Examples of cobra snakes are desert death adder, mohave rattlesnake and Water Moccasin ...
There are twenty species of cobras, which are scientifically known as the naja. They are further categorized into the African spitting and non-spitting, Asian ...
Lets remember that there are cell in plants and animals. With this in mind There really is no way to know exactly how many types there are. What we do know is ...
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