How Many Types of Cobras Are There?


There are actually more than 270 species of Cobras around the world. Any snake from the genus Naja is considered a cobra. Some of the better known cobra types are the king cobra, and the spitting cobra. You can find more information here:
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A Cobra is any venomous snake with the ability to raise the front quarter of its' body off the ground, and to flatten the bones in its' neck to form a hood. MOST (not all) are members
About 30 species of snakes are commonly called cobras, including the king cobra, Egyptian
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There are 25 species of cobra in the genus naja found in africa and asia. of these 10 species are known to spit its venom into your eyes. Source(s) wikipedia.
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True cobras belong to the genus Naja, of which there are 20-22 species.
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There about thirty species of cobra snakes with different colour and lengths. Examples of cobra snakes are desert death adder, mohave rattlesnake and Water Moccasin ...
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