How many types of illegal drugs are there?


There is no way of knowing how many types of illegal drugs there are within the world due to the fact that there is a constant flow of new-drug creation within the world.
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Some illegal drugs include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, hash, and crack. Using prescription drugs that weren't prescribed to you are also considered to be illegal. You should
There are literally hundreds. You can look them up on the DEA Schedule I of the controlled substances list.
Marijuana is by far the most commonly abused drug by teenagers. The Office of National Drug Policy reports that studies have shown 38.1 percent of teenagers had tried marijuana once
There are many illegal drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, LSD, PCP, heroin,
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There is no way of knowing exactly how many types of drugs there are because there countless numbers of illegal and legal drugs all over the world. ...
There are several types of illegal drugs, and several subcategories below those drugs. The most commonly known illegal drugs are marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine ...
There are numerous illegal drugs, including cocaine, meth, marijuana, crack and heroin. The abuse of certain legal prescription drugs is illegal, for example, ...
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