How many types of jellyfish are there?


There is over 1500 different types of jellyfish that are found all over the world. The moon jellyfish is the most common jellyfish that we see. The lion's mane jellyfish likes to be in cold temperature waters.
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There are about 85 species of jellyfish. Although a jellyfish is not really a fish, and many aquariums now just call them jellies or sea jellies.
There are about 200 known types of jellyfish in the sea.
It states there are "thousands" of different species of jellyfish, no direct
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There are about 200 species of "true jellyfish" and over 1,000 related species. This includes sea nettles, lion's manes and cannonball jellies.
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There are 30,000 species of jellyfish. New types of jellyfish are found all the time. The Scientific name for jellyfish is siphonophores. You can find more information ...
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