How Many Types of Monkeys Are There?


There are about 265 species of monkeys, which does not include apes. Monkeys are pretty intelligent, and one thing that separates them from other primates is the fact that they have tails.
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Monkeys usually fall into to main categories, whether they are primates from the Old World or the New World. Those from the New World are from the Americas (South and Central) and
Monkeys are divided into two major types: old world monkeys (cercopithecoids) and new world monkeys (platyrrhini) (It's not really clear what you mean by "types" Do you
There are about 200 types of monkeys in the world.They fall into 2 different
There are about 264 know species of monkeys in existence right now... Source(s):
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There are over 200 different species of primates, which includes monkeys. There are Old World and New World monkeys. Monkeys live is groups of other monkeys, as ...
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