How Many Units of Alcohol in a Bottle of Whisky?


Depending on the percentage of alcohol present in your specific type of whisky, the number of alcohol units present varies accordingly. For example, a 40% bottle of whisky will contain 400 ml of alcohol in a 1-litre bottle and so on.
Q&A Related to "How Many Units of Alcohol in a Bottle of Whisky"
there are up to 26 units in a standard bottle of whiskey.
Each 25ml shot is one unit, so a 70cl bottle will have 28 units of alcohol in it. Thanks for 82ASKing!
Roughly one bottles holds 9 units of alcohol.
Obviously, it depends on the size of the tots. Most pubs are now using the larger 35ml measure for single shots of spirits so a 70cl bottle would give you 20 shots and a litre bottle
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