How Many Units of Alcohol in a Bottle of Whisky?


Depending on the percentage of alcohol present in your specific type of whisky, the number of alcohol units present varies accordingly. For example, a 40% bottle of whisky will contain 400 ml of alcohol in a 1-litre bottle and so on.
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there are up to 26 units in a standard bottle of whiskey.
Each 25ml shot is one unit, so a 70cl bottle will have 28 units of alcohol in it. Thanks for 82ASKing! report this answer. Updated on Friday, February 03 2012 at 10:22AM GMT. Source
There are three types of Whisky's made in the US, they are
Obviously, it depends on the size of the tots. Most pubs are now using the larger 35ml measure for single shots of spirits so a 70cl bottle would give you 20 shots and a litre bottle
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