How Many US Cities or Towns Are Named Paris?


there are 26 towns and cities in the US named after Paris The type of street stated, however, can sometimes be misleading: a street named 'Park Avenue' need not have the characteristics of an avenue in the generic sense. Some streets are given a name without a street type designation.
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Twenty-three (23).
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I found 10! Paris is in Missouri, Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, Idaho,...
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The united states towns/cities named Paris are: Paris, Georgia; Paris, Maine; Town of Paris, New York; Paris, Tennessee; Paris, Virginia; New Paris, Indiana ; New Paris, Ohio ; New Paris, Pennsylvania ; Paris, Arkansas ; Paris, Dakota Territory ; Paris, Idaho ; Paris, Illinois ; Paris, Kentucky ; Paris, Michigan ; Paris, Missouri ; Paris, New York ; Paris, Ohio ; Paris, Pennsylvania ; Paris, Tennessee ; Paris, Texas ; Paris, Grant County, Wisconsin ; Paris, Kenosha County, Wisconsin ; Paris Township, Michigan ; St. Paris, Ohio ; and West Paris, Maine. They are 26 in number.
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