How Many Stamps Do I Use for a Letter to Canada?


It appears that it would take approximately one dollar to mail a standard size and weight letter first class to somewhere in Canada from the United States.
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Cost to send letter to Canada depends on the weight, size of envelope
That answer really depends upon two factors which determine price of postage. First, where are you mailing the letter from and, Secondly, how much does the letter weigh? At the Post
Answer As of Summer 2008, it cost 72 cents to mail a standard letter from US to Canada. (The latest postage information can be found on USPS site.)
Write on an envelope (or a small piece of paper tied to a small baggie) "postage", your address and the number of letters the postage covers. Put the exact amount of the
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To mail a First Class letter from Texas to Vancouver, Canada will cost you $0.75 via the United States Postal Service. You can pay the exact postage by going to ...
To mail a letter from Montreal, Canada to Toronto, Canada, you would pay just $0.59 for a stamp. If your letter is thicker, then adding a second stamp would help ...
You would need enough stamps to cover 98 cents, to mail a letter from the USA, to Brazil. This is what the USPS website indicates, provided that the letter is ...
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