How Many Vacations Did George W Bush during His First 4 Years in Office?

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There has been a lot of talk lately, comparing the number of vacations George W. Bush took during his first years in office compared to Obama. I can't find a reliable source that has the number of vacation days for one term, but I did find something about the first year. Mark Knoeller, A CBS news correspondent, has kept track of presidential travel for years. During his first year, GWB took 69 days of vacation (most of it at his family ranch). There was also an additional 75 days spent at Camp David. All politics aside, a President is never really on vacation. Ever.
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During his 8 years as president George
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There is no statistic. The President does not take "days off" He is always on the job, even though he may not be in the White House. He is capable to reacting to any situation
This question kind of assumes Bush would have cared about any lessons learned in hindsight. I don't believe the benefit of hindsight would have prevented an invasion of Iraq. The
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George W. Bush took three Vacations, totaling twenty four days during the first two years of his presidency. All vacations were working vacations as if he were ...
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