How Many Varieties of Pecans Are There?


There are over 500 diverse varieties of pecans. Each of these types of pecan trees grows in various regions, and come in a diversity of sizes and shapes that are obtainable for utilization. Pecans are a species of hickory that was first grown in Mexico.
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1. Narrow down the type of pecan trees by the region in Texas in which the trees are located. Different types of pecan trees flourish in different parts of Texas. Varieties of pecan
The variety is what kind of pecan you would be growing (the cultivar) There are several to choose from. Each has something to offer that makes it more appropriate for a given reason
More than 500 varieties of pecans exist today. Varieties commonly planted in Georgia orchards include Cape Fear, Desirable, Elliott, Schley, Stuart and Sumner.
The three pecans recommended for Central Florida are Curtis, Mooreland, and Desirable. However, these are recommended as shade trees and should not be expected to produce quality
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