How Many Verses Does the Greek National Anthem Have?


The National Anthem of Greece has the first two verses of the Hymn to Freedom. The Hymn to Freedom was written by a poet called Dionysios Solomos in a single month, May 1823, in Zakynthos on the hill of his bosom friend Loudovikos Stranis.
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The Greek national anthem has 158 verses. This officially makes it the longest national anthem. Words to this national anthem can be obtained from numerous sources, including online.
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The National Anthem of Greece consists of the first two verses of
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The national anthem in Greece is called " The Song of Freedom " and the words are by the great Greek poet Solomos . jolly nice , can listen to it on Youtube . ( well , someone
It has three different tunes. b) It has 158 verses. c) It was written by an Estonian
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