How Many Vertices Does a Octagon Have?


An octagon has eight vertices and eight sides. A square would have 4 while a box would have 8. To figure out how many vertices a shape has, you can count the angles.
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The answer to how many vertices an octagon have is 8. In geometry, an octagon
I believe an octangonal prism has 16 vertices and 24 edges
The answer is 632 triangles! Check out the website below for confirmation and a list of other shapes and the number of triangles formed by their vertices. Source(s):
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The total number of degrees of the interior angles of an octagon is 1080 degrees. In a regular octagon each angle will measure 135 degrees. You can find more ...
There are six triangles in an octagon. Typically there are two triangles less than the number of sides in a convex polygon. A polygon is a closed figure with eight ...
The square has four vertices as it is a regular quadrilateral. Furthermore, it has four equal sides and four equal right angles. For more information, visit: & ...
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