How many volts come out of a wall socket?


In the UK, 230-240 volts. For the UK, the legal requirement is. 230 V. (6%/+10% Incidentally, volts don't 'come out' of a socket!
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In the United States, the normal voltage of a wall socket is usually between 100 and 127 volts.
A standard wall socket is 110-120 volts.
120 volts is standard. Amps depends on the appliance, like a microwave would use more than a light bulb. And watts is volts multiplied by amps. Almost forgot. Without some kind of
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The number of volts in a wall outlet will vary from country to country. However, in the United States, the number of volts in a wall outlet ranges from 115-120. ...
240 Volts A C ...
The number of watts in 120 volts depends on the number of amps as well. Find out the number of amps, multiply it by 120 and you will come up with the number of ...
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