How Many Volts Does It Take to Kill a Person?


There is no requirement for how many volts it takes to kill a person as it is the amperage which causes death. A person can withstand over 100,000 volts as with a stun gun. Electricity most often causes death by disrupting or stopping the electric rhythm of the heart.
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It's not the amount of volt that kill, it's the amperage that will kill, or injure
The volts is not what will kill you. It is the current electricity amount transferred, Lethal
Volts won't kill you. It is the combo of volts and amps that kill & takes only 100mA to stop the heart!
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How many volts does it take to kill a person? You can be hooked to 20,000 volts and it will not kill you. Does that surprise you? It is actually the current that kills you and it only kills if it passes through the heart. As little as 20 milliamperes can kill you. Remember if working around live electricity to keep one hand in your back pocket that way the current can't pass through your heart if you are shocked in the hand.
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Volt is not what it takes to kill a man. You could literally shoot up a person with 20,000 V for a short duration of time and nothing would happen to them. It ...
In technical terms volts cannot kill you though electric current can. However, without the availability of volts you will not have an electrical current. This ...
Many people say that it is not the volts that kill humans but it is the amps. How many amps does it take to kill a human? To kill a human, it would take 0.4 amps ...
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