How many volts are in 1 amp?


Amps do not contain any volts. Volts and amps are two different types of electrical properties, and one does not contain the other. A relationship does exist between volts and amps, and Ohm's Law defines that relationship.

Volts are a measure of the electrical potential between one point and another, such as between the two slots in a wall outlet. Amps (amperes) are a measure of the flow of electric current. If there is an electric circuit that features a resistive element, such as the element in a heater, the current flowing through that element is equal to the voltage across the element divided by the resistance of the element. This relationship is Ohm's law: I = E/R, sometimes expressed as E = IR, where E is volts, I is amps, and R is resistance.

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The answer depends on the number of "Watts" being used to power the electrical device.
Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing! We would need to know how many amps there are in order to calculate the amount of watts in the single volt.
Volts and amps are totally different units, but related by resistance. It would be like
1. Multiply the electrical power by the resistance, then take the square root of the product to calculate the voltage. For example, if the electrical power is 200 watts and the resistance
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