How many volts to kill a human?


It is not the volts that kill a human. It is how much current, the amps that push through your body. Honestly depending on how much your body can handle. Even a 9 volt charge could kill a person.
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It is not actually the volts that can kill you it's the amps that will kill you. It would take just 50 amps to kill a person. The voltage is just how the currant is pushed. The higher the volts the easier and faster the amps will travel.
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It's not the volts which kill, but the current. There are stun guns which can run up to 50,000 volts, but wont do much more than stun, yet if the current is high enough (measured
The volts is not what will kills you. It is the current transfered, the amount of electricity transfered. Lethal current is about 20 milliamperes. So you could have a million volts,
It depends, In some cases 16 volts might be fatal to a human being
1. See your doctor for diagnostic tests. In order to determine the correct course of action, blood work, a fecal sample and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of your internal organs
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It isn't volts that will kill a human, it's the amps. A human can be killed by as little as a quarter of an amp, depending on how the current travels through the ...
In an electrical current, it isn't the volts that kill a human, it's the amps. Depending on how the current travels through the body of the human, as little as ...
It is not the volts that kills but more the amps or current. If it's enough to stick you where you can't get away from it, it may not take much. All electricity ...
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