How Many Votes Are Needed to Pass a Bill?


A bill must first pass both houses of Congress by a majority vote which is two-thirds of the houses of Congress. After it is passed, it goes to the President to either be signed into law or vetoed.
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For an. ordinary. bill to pass each chamber or house of the US congress, it needs a simple majority of the votes which would be 50% + 1 vote. In the US House of Representatives, ordinarily
If the President vetoes a bill that is passed by the
A bill must pass by a simple majority in both houses of Congress before it goes to the President.
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How many votes are needed to pass a bill depends on the number of senators and congressmen there are at the time it is being passed. There only needs to be a simple majority in both the senate and the house in order for it to pass. This means 218 congressman and 51 senators.
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