How Many Wars Are Going on in the World Right Now?


There are currently around 33 wars being fought in 32 countries. The biggest wars are the Jihad in Sudan by the Janjaweed against Christians and animists and the war in Pakistan, between the government and Al Qaeda.
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As of today there are about 6.771 billion of us on earth. And that number will likely be even bigger tomorrow. Amazing!
There's Iraq War, and the South Ossetian Conflict between Georgia and Russia, and there's the war in Afganistan, the Tibetians trying to revolt, the Sudanese are commiting genocide
I'd say the average human owns 3-5 shirts, so take the world population of about 7 billion and multiply, and you have 21-35 billion shirts. That's a pretty heavy statistic.
Nearly 2000 thunderstorm cells are estimated to be
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