How Many Washing Machines are Sold Each Year?


There is an estimated 78 million households that own washing machines and 7.5 million washers sold each year in the United States! My washer pretty much runs all the time, on the weekends it's non-stop, without my washer I would be in a panic. The average price range for a standard washer is between 450.00 and 550.00.
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There are around nine million washing machines sold each year. On average people do anywhere from four hundred to five hundred loads of laundry each year.
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I would think its in the thousands. And what made you think of this? And I think that a washing machine is an essential part of your help in doing the washing of personal clothing
According to research firm NPD Group, front-loaders had a 20.4 percent share of retail washing machine sales, but 70 percent of customers prefer top-loaders.
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There were around nine million washing machines sold last year. Did you know that on average a person will do anywhere from 400 to 500 loads of laundry each year ...
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