How many watermelons grow on one plant?


There can be several watermelons to grow on one plant. But, there should only be one watermelon per vine. With more watermelons growing on the same vine it will cause all the melons to be smaller in size. The extra melons on the vine should be pinched off with leaving only one per vine.
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As a rule with good growing conditions 2-3 watermelons and 3-5
It takes around 120 days which is around 4 month. it greatly depends on where you live and how you take care of a plant.
1. Till an area of your garden that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. Till to a depth of at least 10 inches to break up all weed roots and freshen the soil.
That one seed would produce one watermelon vine. Assuming that it was self-fertile, depending on growing conditions - watermelons want lots of sun and water - it could be expected
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