How Many Watts Does a Dryer Use?


The amount of watts a dryer uses per load of clothes will depend on the brand of drying machine. Most clothes dryers use anywhere between 1800 watts to 5000 watts per load. On most appliances the information is imprinted on a label either on the back or bottom. Many dryers put the labels on the front or back. On the label, how many watts used will be included. The level of drying will also affect the amount of watts used. If clothes are normally dried on the highest setting, then more power output is needed as opposed to drying at a more optimum level.
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It depends on the type of brand and if you are using the enery star saver. Are you going to use gas or electric. The electric dryer has a wattage of 4400.
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According to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Savers website, clothes dryers typically consume between 1800 and 5000 watts. By comparison, clothes washers generally use between
Both of these figures along with the voltage should be on the nameplate of the appliance or in the spec. sheet in the manual that came with the appliance. All appliances are a little
An electric cloths dryer will use 5500 watts. A gas clothes dryer will use about
This is real easy. Take a voltmeter set on "AC" and measure the voltage at the circuit breaker from breaker to breaker on the double pole 30 amp breaker. It should be between
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A typical hair dryer uses between 1200 and 1875 watts. The reason it uses so many watts is because it is producing heat which uses a lot of electricity. ...
A hair dryer can use between 1400 and 2500 watts of electricity. The reason this is so high is because it is producing heat which takes more electricity. ...
Most clothes dryers use about 1800 to 1500 watts per hour. Each clothes dryer will vary. Most cost about .50 cents per 60 minutes of run time on the hottest setting ...
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